Listed here are songs written (and mostly sung) by Nez during his time with the Monkees (1966-69, 1996, and 2016).

Liner Notes

Magnetic South
Loose Salute
Nevada Fighter
And the Hits...
Ranch Stash
The Prison
Radio Engine
Infinite Rider
The Newer Stuff
The Older Stuff
Tropical Campfires
The Garden
Solo 63-66
The Ocean
Around the Sun


Papa Gene's Blues

Sweet Young Thing

Mary, Mary

The Kind of Girl I Could Love

You Told Me

You Just May Be the One

Sunny Girlfriend

The Girl I Knew Somewhere

Daily Nightly

Don't Call on Me

Auntie's Municipal Court

Tapioca Tundra

Writing Wrongs

Magnolia Simms

Circle Sky

Don't Wait for Me

While I Cry

Good Clean Fun

Never Tell a Woman Yes

Listen to the Band

Carlisle Wheeling

My Share of the Sidewalk

Nine Times Blue

All the King's Horses

St. Matthew

Some of Shelly's Blues

Michigan Blackhawk

The Crippled Lion


Little Red Rider


Angel Band

Admiral Mike

I Know What I Know

Soul-Writer's Birthday

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