An earlier recording of this song, with a slightly different arrangement, was released on "Monkees Missing Links (Volume 1)". Another version appeared on Rhino's reissue of "Headquarters".

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Solo 63-66

Nine Times Blue

written by Michael Nesmith

There's a certain something in the way
You looked at me and said you'd stay
That let me know that I was out of line

But I didn't know what else to do
And like a fool I tested you
By demanding things of you which weren't mine

And now I feel like such a fool
For making you crawl back to me
But you did it with such love
That you're standing far above
Me and all I did to you
I'm sorry now, what can I do?

I know that never in the world
Could I have found me such a girl
Who's there to pick me up before I fall

So if in the end we should go
Both our separate ways
I know the lesson I've learned here is worth it all

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