Originally released as the B-side to "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" (1967).

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Solo 63-66

The Girl I Knew Somewhere

written by Michael Nesmith

You tell me that you've never been this way before
You tell me things I know that I've heard somewhere
You're standing in the places and you're staring down through faces
That bring to mind traces of a girl
A girl that I knew somewhere

I just can't put my finger on what it is
That says to me "Watch out - don't believe her"
I can't give any reasons girl
My thoughts are bound down in a whirl
I just can't think who in the world was that the girl
I know I met her somewhere

Someway somehow this same thing was done
Someone somewhere did me this same wrong

Well goodbye dear I just can't take this chance again
My fingers are still burning from the last time
And if your love was not a game I only have myself to blame
That's as may be, I can't explain
Just ask the girl that I knew somewhere

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