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Solo 63-66

Michigan Blackhawk

written by Michael Nesmith

Flying down the highway, looking for a place to land
Need to leave the speed in the city
And people coming, going, there's no time to understand
And I keep moving down the road taking notes in a trembling hand

Asked Sally to go with me but she made it very clearg
She said, "You've got your problems and I have mine tonight"

Up to the sunlit mountains, down by the silver sea
Well the tale is told from memory of a finely woven symphony
Forever heard without a word to disturb its melody
Still I'd like to have someone along to share the air with me

Oh, Sally, why not come with me, you know I'd like be with you
You can't be all that busy, you don't have that much to do
And you know I'd like to be with you

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