Originally released in 1992 on Pacific Arts Audio

Magnetic South
Loose Salute
Nevada Fighter
And the Hits...
Ranch Stash
The Prison
Radio Engine
Infinite Rider
The Newer Stuff
The Older Stuff
Tropical Campfires
The Garden
Solo 63-66
The Ocean
Around the Sun

...tropical campfire's...

Somewhere in the great

desert ocean the mighty

bird stretches her wings.

Night is falling and the

horizon slowly disappears

into the stars. Now she

must navigate by the

southwestern tropical

campfire's mambo raga

songs, their sounds rising

from the desert floor up

with the winds lifting her

higher and higher and

finally giving her a dead

reckon, eastward, to the

oasis and her home.

Off to her right she sees

the faint glimmer of

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