Released in 1966 on Colpix records and credited to Michael Blessing, b/w "Until It's Time For You To Go"

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Tropical Campfires
The Garden
Solo 63-66

What Seems to Be the Trouble, Officer?

written by Bob Krasnow and Michael Blessing


I first hear this song from Andy Segovia.
Andy never made it as a blues guitar player.
I don't know where he's pickin' now.

You might think I'm young to be such a powerful protester.
I'm darn near 19.
Like to tell you about all my hard times I've seen.
Walkin' hot, dusty roads.
Put a pebble in my shoe, make 'em harder.

Had me a pad in Greenwich Village.
Paid a hundred and seventy-five dollars a month for it.
Lotta people think that's a lotta money to pay.
But it's not for hard times. Gives me a real feeling about life.
And other things.

First hard time I ever had was a policeman stopped me.
Asked if he could see some papers.
Said, "Whatcha want, man? Bambus or Zig-Zags?"

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