Released in 1965 on Edan records, b/w "Curson Terrace"; also released in 1964 on Omnibus, credited to Mike, John & Bill, and b/w "How Can You Kiss Me".

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Solo 63-66

Just A Little Love

written by Michael Nesmith

Just a little love
That's all I have
I hope that it's enough
It's all I have
I can't give you things that other men can, see
All that I can give is what's inside of me

I hope someday soon
I can buy you rings
But I hope that you don't wait
for me to buy you rings
Take me as I am with a heart that's pure
Take me as I am I'll be ever yours

I want a girl like you that I can love
A girl who wants just me and not the things I have
A girl who'll stand by me and when she draws near
I'll soothe her troubled mind, dry away her tears
I hope you will lean
Upon my love
You'll find that you can depend
Upon my love
And when I have more to offer you
You can have it all, I'll give that too

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