Originally released in 1989 on Rhino records

Magnetic South
Loose Salute
Nevada Fighter
And the Hits...
Ranch Stash
The Prison
Radio Engine
Infinite Rider
The Newer Stuff
The Older Stuff
Tropical Campfires
The Garden
Solo 63-66
The Ocean
Around the Sun

The Newer Stuff

What you have here is a record which contains most of the music I have recorded over the last decade. Some of it has never been heard outside of my own circle of friends and loved ones. So, it is with great joy that I watch the romantic and goofy notions contained in these songs once again get their share of the sunlight.

There are those of you who will always have my heartfelt thanks for sticking with me and this music. It has meant more than I can say to hear of your searches through the recycled record bins and the thousands of flea markets and swap meets to find these songs. Now here they are, all dressed up in their new CD or Tape or Whatever, ready to play again, not only for you but for new listeners.

Of course, these are not all the songs I have recorded. I chose these because ...well, just because I did. They certainly aren't the "greatest hits" because none of them ever really were. They aren't my "favorites" since I never really think of them that way. I suppose they just seem more appropriate to the times. Whatever the reason, I offer them with the greatest of gratitude and will be satisfied if they will return to you just a portion of the good you have given me over the years.

There are a few tunes which have never been previously released. "Tanya," "I'll Remember You," and "Formosa Diner" were all written and recorded around 1980 or '81 as part of Video Ranch, which was, and is, a movie musical that so far has not gotten beyond the script stage. I'm not sure if it ever will. Maybe if enough of you write in to...ah, well there's the problem. I don't know who you should write to. Me, I guess, since I always love to hear from you. Is it possible to start a petition to get yourself to do something?

You will note there are no songs from The Prison included on this record. None of them really stand alone from that LP so I thought it best to wait until, and if, I re-release The Prison for those songs to come back out as they were intended.

One other thing, over the years I have made music videos of seven of these songs and have just put them all together on a video cassette. If you want it and can't find it at the store send me a letter or call me at Pacific Arts in L.A.

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