Originally released in 1971 on RCA records

Magnetic South
Loose Salute
Nevada Fighter
And the Hits...
Ranch Stash
The Prison
Radio Engine
Infinite Rider
The Newer Stuff
The Older Stuff
Tropical Campfires
The Garden
Solo 63-66
The Ocean
Around the Sun

Nevada Fighter

Dixie Dewdrop & a lonely sailor
Feedin' each other booze
Neither is sure which is lonelier
Nor who has the most to lose
And as the night comes over
The crickets at the door
And the neon turns them red...
They'll do it again
Because they're afraid
That tomorrow they'll be dead


This album is respectfully dedicated to International-Harvester, makers of automatic reapers & other fine products. Nevada Fighter is dedicated to the Great People of the Navajo.

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