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Magnetic South

Hank Williams, Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmie Rodgers are to me something of a musical triumvirate. Somehow I always get back to them. They, like Dylan, Presley, Cash and The Beatles, had, and have, a clearly defined musical position - A pure approach to what they have sung and written - free from euphemisms and alive with their own emotions.

When Johnny Ware, now the drummer of the First National Band, first suggested I start a band my reaction was distant and a little negative. But he continued to talk and through the conversation I sensed some of the same spirit of the men who have so profoundly influenced me.

So, two days later Red Rhodes, John London, Johnny and myself got together for a trial run and it all seemed to fall into place. Effortlessly and freely the music poured forth. And it was fun. Great fun. We played and sang and laughed for two weeks. Then I trekked off looking for a way to get all this out of my little rehearsal room. And between Felton Jarvis, our producer, who gave us the benefit of freedom, Harry Jenkins, at RCA in New York, who gave us confidence, and Chet Atkins, at RCA in Nashville, who gave us strength, the music was transcribed. And this is it.

Row upon row
of Man after man
Let this music
be their music

a few dedications:
The making of the album to Lester Sill, Bert Schneider and David, Micky & Peter.
The song "Joanne" to Jack Nicholson & Mimi.
"Beyond the Blue Horizon" to the "Tomorrow" man.

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