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Tengo Amore

written by Michael Nesmith

Tengo amor
Despues que todo esta finado
Tengo amor
Pero mi corazon quiere correr
Veo el sol
Y el me dice que tu me amas
No me correre
Siempre estare contigo
Aqui en tus brazos
Abrazan'te sin palabras
Nuestra amor
Refl'onando en el cielo
Despeacio seremos uno solo

I have much love
After all is said and done
I have much love
Even though my heart says run
I see the sun
And it says you love me too
So I won't run
I will spend my life with you
Here in your arms
Holding you without speaking
Watching our love
Making shadows on the ceiling
Slowly melting into oneness

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