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Changes Log

4-4-13: Added lyrics for Rays. I don't have the physical album, so I used lyrics available online and corrected them through careful listening.

3-11-05: Verified lyrics as per the Best of Michael Nesmith Songbook. Made very small changes to "Calico Girlfriend", "Flying", "Light", and "Silver Mooon". Did not change one word in "Juliana": the Songbook has it as "shown" but I think that's incorrect and I've kept it as "shone". I also kept the punctuation as I had it previously, because I don't like the way they did it in the Songbook.

7-7-04: Added screencaps of Nez as Cole Porter in the Soundtracks section. More stuff on TV Parts, including an episode guide, when I have time.

12-27-03: "The Girl I Knew Somewhere" added to the Monkees section. (Oops.) "I've Never Loved Anyone More" added to the Soundtracks and Whatnot section.

6-01-03: Background changed; navigation added to left column; "Solo", "Monkees", and "Soundtracks" pages added; site moved to its new home!

8-22-00: Lyrics for Infinite Rider added.

7-10-00: Lyrics added for Newer Stuff.

1-10-99: Lyrics added for most of ...tropical campfires..., "Brazil" will be coming soon - we're working on a correct translation!

8-5-98: Minor corrections made to the songs on From A Radio Engine...

6-10-98: A Master Song list for the the site added.

6-6-98: Lyrics to "Tantamount To Treason" added (BIG thanks to Frank for taking the time to transcribe them!). Also fixed the lyrics to the song "Nevada Fighter" and "Garden's Glow"

5-25-98: Lyrics to Complete linked up. Also new colors chosen for links and visited links.

3-29-98: Added the new Videoranch logo

3-20-98: Lyrics to "From A Radio Engine To The Photon Wing" added. Lyrics from "And the Hits..." had typos fixed.

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