This song originally appeared on "Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma".

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(Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam)

written by Michael Nesmith

Lucy and Ramona cruisin' thru the jungles of L.A.
Hopin' to promote a dream somewhere along the way.
Rollin' thru the streets looking for a disco,
Passin' up the treats from a kid named Cisco
Trying to make connections
With their blemish free complexions
And just as fate would have it
They ended up with Sunset Sam.

Sam was sellin' watches from a suitcase on a tv tray
And Lucy and Ramona were tryin' to figure out if he was gay
The three of them were standing staring at each other
When the light behind their eyes blew each other's cover
The ancient code was branded.
And each of them was handed
A ticket to their kingdom
'Cause they saw their brother Sunset Sam.

Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam
People on the streets tryin' to find a plan
People on the streets lookin' for the land
Lucy and Ramona and their brother Sunset Sam

Lucy was from Compton and she met Ramona at the zoo.
Ramona was from Brooklyn but she left when she was twenty-two.
Sam was a native of the Arizona desert
But he split when he was slated for some governmental make-work.
Their differences subsided when the common bond was sighted
They were all from the same place
That made the famous Sunset Sam

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