Paul Pelletier Is An Ass Freak.

(some observations by your pal Lene Taylor)

I don't mean that in a bad way. I just read Green Lantern: Baptism of Fire and I was struck by his loving attention to the buttocks, specifically male buttocks. Why? Maybe he just likes drawing asses. Here's the evidence:

So here's a nice picture of Impulse getting grabbed by GL. I like his clenched butt cheeks - I bet he can hold a cup of coffee between those cheeks.
Flash butt.

I do like the way Pelletier draws superheroes - as if their costumes were part of their bodies, showing lots of musculature without being gross in that Rob Liefeld way. The right butt cheek here is so incredibly squeezable! Look at it! It's like a red balloon!
More Flash butt. OK, I know he's getting knocked back by Sonar in this panel, but why this pose? Why is his ass pointing directly at us? I do appreciate the fact that his ass is drawn like two cantaloupes in a sack, which makes sense for a guy who runs a lot. I think I'll refrain from making a joke about his exclamation - "HFF!" - and the position he's in. It's just too easy.
And more Flash butt, as he's running away from us. Lovely.
Just to prove to you that he does draw women's butts in the same way, though not nearly as frequently. This is Donna Troy and that blue Darkstar woman that John Stewart was bonking. I keep imagining I can see the artist reflected in her right tit, like in an Escher drawing.
Finally, Kyle's butt in all its Lanterny glory. Like the Flash, his suit must be painted on to get to that level of detail. And if you look real close, you can see just a bit of shading under his right cheek that seems to imply scrotal material. Well, it does to me, anyway.

He might as well be naked.